Type 3 AA Gun (12cm)

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Type 3 AA Gun (12cm)

Post by ZakTheBuilder1 » Fri Jan 15, 2021 11:04 pm

The Type 3 AA Gun was an anti-aircraft gun used by Japan during World War II.

The Type 3 had a 120 mm caliber and it had a muzzle velocity of 853 meters per second. The weight of the entire system was about 17,962.2 kg and the maximum range was 20,500 meters.[1]

The Type 3 could also fire about twenty rounds per minute and the highest a round can go is about 14,000 meters. Each shell weighs about 23 kg and the length of the barrel of the Type 3 was about 6.7 meters. The Type 3 could turn 360 degrees and the elevation ranged from 8 to +90 degrees.

The gun was breech-loaded and there was only a single barrel unlike some other Japanese anti-aircraft guns. The base of the gun had five legs to support it and it also was stationary. There were no variants of the Type 3 and it was fairly effective in combat. There were no variants of the Type 3 besides the original model.

The Type 3 was developed in 1943 and it was used until 1945 despite the fact that it's production ended much earlier. It's only use was defending the Japanese Home Islands. The plane it shot down most were American B-29 Superfortresses and in Tokyo, the Type 3 was recoreded shooting down at least ten. However, when the bombers came in large numbers, the Type 3's effectiveness decreased. Only 120 Type 3's were made by World War II's end mainly because metal was scarce.

These would Be the equivalent of two 8.8cm flaks put together, not really.
But definitly stronger due to the increase in size of caliber.

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