Undoing Summoning a Unit that Requires Sacrifice

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Undoing Summoning a Unit that Requires Sacrifice

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I have found a small issue in the game in regards to spells that can summon units with an extra cost.

Let's take, for example, the goblin witch's ability to summon a green dragon. To summon it, however, you need to sacrifice 4 units. So when you activate the spell, 4 nearby units will be deleted and you can choose where you want to summon the dragon. While choosing where you want to summon the unit, you can choose to cancel the ability. But the problem is, when you choose to cancel the ability, it doesn't bring back the units you sacrificed. This is consistent across all units who can summon things that have an extra cost. It would be really nice if I could undo the spell and bring those units back, as sometimes I might accidentally sacrifice something expensive.
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Re: Undoing Summoning a Unit that Requires Sacrifice

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Undoing sacrifice i think is not possible - we do not save information about sacrificed units. If you accidently sacrificed for example zurgo with +500/+500 armor due to mass murdering - we do not know what effects, what stats, what buffs and debuffs, what veteraning was on that unit.
We do not even save information what unit was that. We only know that there was something. Maybe something costly.

At most as i understand stratego may make that sacrifices will die AFTER summoning.
makazuwr32 wrote: Mon Sep 16, 2019 7:54 amWhen you ask to change something argument why...
Put some numbers, compare to what other races have and so on...
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Re: Undoing Summoning a Unit that Requires Sacrifice

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@Stratego (dev) Can we make it so sacrifices are consumed after the summon is successful? there are many cases where the summon is lost due to scrolling issue, or putting it on the wrong terrain, or just due to misclicks. In all cases, the ability is wasted and the sacrifices are wasted.
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