FAN Maps Sent to be implemented

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Re: FAN Maps Sent to be implemented

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tamtam12345 wrote: Fri Sep 09, 2016 1:05 pm
Avalyn wrote:Sandbox Castle

Terrain: 5-7, A pretty terrain, nice decorations
Playability: House can't build anything: Stable, Archery Range, Barracks, and Siege Workshop can't build anything, Workers can't build anything!! Just to clarify, there is no posibile way to build a castle like you're supposed to do You can't win.
triggers: Some, but they are glitchy. For instance, The hero knight gets schlooped back to his tile if he tries to attack

Not sure if anyone else has reviewed this map.
I played it. You are right. You can't win. I only can kill units in easy mode,but you never can build anything.
this one if fixed on next update -thanks!
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