version 1.174 (from now these are announced on discord)

In this forum I post the changes on the DEVELOPER version of the game.
These versions are (at the time i post them) not yet published to google play, only registered testers can download it and test it before publishing.

Non-tester forumers: if you want to get the DEVELOPER version (to see the changes sooner, or you want to try your own map designs) please EMAIL me to zerotouchsystems at gmail dot com to register yourself as a tester.
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version 1.174 (from now these are announced on discord)

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version 1.173 is published with this content:

New units:
Bombard - proper siege cannon. Powerful, but inonvenient to use.
Catapult Tower - aoe anti-siege weapons tower.
New upgrades:
To Heavy Catapult Tower - upgrade for new tower.
New techs:
Bronze Masterworks - hellenic tech, boosting heavy armored units resilence.
Linothorax - hellenic tech, boosting medium armored units resilence.
Obsidian fragments - mezo-american tech adding melee units additional weapon effect.
Obsidian fragility - mezo-american tech adding all units additional weapon effect, stacking with the one above.

(Remark: all new things in this release are not in Upgrades section, so free to use until next update (when they will be upgrades)

Change:Balistae in area mode (except ballista tower) range 5/6 -> 6/7.
Change:Balista in siege mode range 6/7 -> 7/8.
Discord:Invite link is fixed
YouTube:Button to the YouTube channel where you can find AO* games videos, tutorials
New random maps:Coldy 50x50, Coldy 2 50x50
Feature Change:Daily gifts can be collected not only by multiplayer but by playing local games too
Mapeditor:You can flip units and set skins directly in mapeditor, these statuses will be saved on map
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