Sight nerf for infantry

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Sight nerf for infantry

Post by DreJaDe »

SMG to have 3 sight

Rifleman to have 4

Volkssturm to have 2

Mortars to have 2

Scout will now be only be trainable in barracks

This is more on the non gold upgrade game type but want to include the gold upgrade units too cause it helps.
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Re: Sight nerf for infantry

Post by TntAttack »

I am fine with all the changes except the scout. Although I partially agree with keeping it in barracks, I do wish that there was some bluff for it to compensate.

An example bluff would be an aura called "Recon Observer" which increases aa and Artillery accuracy nearby. This would require aa to have "miss(*speed) attribute for aa as well.

It would be even better if scouts could benefit mortars as well but I'm not quite sure how yet.
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