Indochina Culture Group

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Indochina Culture Group

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This is a culture proposal.
It comprises Tibet + Burma (including Yunnan, Bengal) + Rest of Mainland Southeast Asia.

Here is the list of in-game units/units already with images:

Culture Specific:
- Khmer Siege Crossbow Elephant
Small siege crossbow mounted on elephant. Field artillery capabilities without bonus against siege machine.
- Khmer Double Howdah Elephant
Cheap, short-ranged elephant archer.
- Nanzhao Skirmisher (Luojuzi?)
Armored skirmisher with additional capabilities against lighter cavalry/irregulars/structures. Last one potentially due to melee attack ability. Can go on mountains.
- Nanzhao Cavalry
Medium cavalry. High armors, especially pierce armor. 5 speed. Bonus against irregular/light cavalry + lighter/medium infantry, both especially against ranged.
- Tibetan Cataphract
Less armors/Hp than cataphract. Anti-Heavy Cavalry. Normal heavy cavalry speed, bonuses against heavy cavalry+ normal heavy cavalry bonus, with lower damage/higher armors/Hp.
- Tibetan Royal Guardsman
Armored spearman as heavy infantry. Capabilities against mounted/structures. Polearm wielder. Can walk on hills.
- Shan Crossbowman
Short-ranged crossbowman with 2 action/turn, apply poison shot weapon effect ability. 4 speed. Can go on hills.
- Dha Infantry
Anti-lighter infantry, first strike. Low armor, higher pierce armor.
- Phkak Wielder
Anti-machine/building offensive infantry. Additional anti-mounted/anti-builder capabilities. Not polearm wielder.
- Meitei Cavalry
Mercenary Poison anti-cavalry horse skirmisher. High power attack ability.

Culture Neutral:
- Horse Skirmisher
- Spearman
- Skirmisher
- Guerilla
- Chariot
- Elephant
- Elephant Archer

- Saka Foot Archer
- Confederation Horse Archer
- Cuman Horse Archer
- Kushan Lancer
- Mongol Lancer
- Chinese Siege Crossbow
- Light Hoplite
- Juanga
- Catamaran
- Wokou Junk
- Kattumaram
- Ronin
- Infantry Firelance
- Janissary (In Muslim Pack)

Culture Neutral Auxiliaries:
- Caravel
- War Caravel
- Handgonner
- Cannon
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shan crossbowman.png
shan crossbowman.png (639 Bytes) Viewed 388 times
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tibetan_cataphract (1).png
tibetan_cataphract (1).png (1.91 KiB) Viewed 388 times
nanzhao_skirmisher (1).png
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Re: Indochina Culture Group

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Feel free to post more unit ideas/images here, or improved current images if you want this culture group to be implemented. It currently most lacks barracks/factory, buffer/support, leader.

Optional: light cavalry, skirmisher cavalry, ranged chariot, melee chariot, bowman
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Re: Indochina Culture Group

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Cultural Niche (please make amendments as you see fit):

Relatively high resistance
Available in different culture barracks
Use of lighter Siege/Elephants (Indochina)
Strong leader aura buffs (slightly weaker stats for balance) to reflect personal nature of governance/rule (e.g. First Toungoo Empire)

Relatively faster in forest/marsh
Some units can go on hills
Some units are faster

Strong Against:
Lighter Cavalry
Irregular/Light Units

Moderately Strong Against:
General Structures
Support (High Resistance + Bonus + Ranged)
Medium Infantry
Heavy Cavalry
Light Siege

Moderately Weak Against:
Heavy Fortification
Heavy Siege
Heavy Infantry
Light Ships

Weak Against:
Heavy Ships
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Re: Indochina Culture Group

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Additional Units:

Bo/Raeu Spearman: Indochinese spearman. Hybrid bonuses between guerilla and spearman. 4 speed, ~2 pierce armor, low hp. Can go on hills.

Indochinese archer (Viet archer?): 4 range, first strike, 2(?) pierce armor. Normal archer bonuses.

Nanzhao Lancer: Horse archer with mongol lancer bonus melee attack. 1-2 base armors, ~28 hp.

Nanzhao Pikeman: Pikeman with higher pierce armor. Also good against irregulars. Can go on hills.

Champa Marine (Mangpung?): Good speed on shallows. High bonus against ships. Anti-lighter infantry/anti-ranged. ~1/3 armors. Indochinese.

Yuyi Axeman: Indochinese, Nanzhao 2 action (or AOE) shock infantry, 100% Resistance. Medium infantry, anti-irregular/lighter infantry/cavalry.

Cultural Buffer (Lama):
Can apply third aura on leader, which improves mental resistance/others, weaker ability/aura on general indochinese units

Indochinese Leader (Sawbwa):
Chariot Lancer. Possibility to obtain third aura, but relatively fragile (for leader). Strong secondary (culture-specific) aura. Has ranged mode.

Indochinese Barracks (Ahmudan Garrison):
Trains Indochinese units. Can have Lama applied aura.
yuyi_axeman.png (1.18 KiB) Viewed 48 times
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Re: Indochina Culture Group

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Images of Abilities/Auras:

Implementation Example:

Prayer Wheel: 3 range, 25% resistance, 1/2 armors, 1 sight, heal +2Hp/turn. Applied by Lama. Can be applied on all cultural units (including buffer/leader)

Dharma: 4 range, 75% resistance, 1 attack/ability power, 1 speed. Applied by Lama. Can be applied on buffer/leader.

Thissa ("allegiance"): 5 range, 25% resistance, 1 attack/ability power, 2/0 armors. Leader's base aura, or vice versa with Kyezu.

Kyezu ("obligation"): 5 range, 25% resistance, 1 attack/ability power, 0/2 armors. Aura applied on leader after tech, or vice versa with Thissa.

Indochinese units are (mostly?) affected by Blacksmith.

I made the auras stronger since this is a culture group dependent on auras without specific buffer applied abilities (if they all are auras).
Since lamas have conversion (and promote loyalty, while without heal), Prayer Wheel and Dharma can have long cooldowns/tech research.

Image of Tech(s):

Lacquer Elephant Leather Armor: Increases [Indochinese] armors by 1/1.
tech_lacquer_elephant_leather_armor.png (893 Bytes) Viewed 113 times
kyezu.png (609 Bytes) Viewed 233 times
prayer_wheel1.png (526 Bytes) Viewed 259 times
dharma.png (472 Bytes) Viewed 259 times
thissa.png (587 Bytes) Viewed 259 times
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Re: Indochina Culture Group

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Preliminary Mega + other images.
Maybe 2x2 Mega can only allow units walking on hills to go in/be trained, but can be buildable on hills? (By definition would exclude most/all siege engines)

Champa Seaman: Irregular infantry, anti-irregular, anti-ship cheap unit. Good speed on shallows. 0/1 armors. Indochinese, Maritime.

Indochinese Bannerman: Bannerman for Indochinese. Maybe can switch auras, but auras not always activated?

Cavalry Indochinese Leader: Heavy Cavalry Archer Indochinese, Nanzhao leader. Maybe with base having only low morale/other aura and allowing addition of additional Indochinese aura with tech due to [Indochinese ][Leader] category?


Sanseong ([Sinic] buildable, occupiable tower on hill/forest) could be available to Indochinese, since they have the most units that go on hills, and much of their historical area of operations was in inhospitable environments due to hill/forest (e.g. Tibetan Plateau, Yunnan Karsts). If so, I propose Chinese Worker to be available in Indochinese 2x2 Mega (and maybe renaming Sanseong).

All Tibetan and Nanzhao foot can walk on hills. Amendment: Tibetan could be classified as Sinic or just Tibetan, being an outside culture auxiliary to Indochinese available only in ~2x2 Mega (or other). Nanzhao units could be restricted by techs producible in barracks.

Most except Tibetans have improved speed in forests?
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