Cannot Access Campaign Levels (IOS)

Issues in the game itself, so no crash report but anything that works badly / or other way it should- but without a crash.
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Cannot Access Campaign Levels (IOS)

Post by Ragnell27 »

Excited to play this game on Apple as I no longer have android. I have this problem with two levels right now. One is in the ambition campaign and the other is somewhere else.

Conditions surrounding problem:

- I was able to enter the levels once but then backed
out when the cpu was taking to long to complete its
turn. Now the shield icon has a play symbol like it has
a game that can be resumed, but when I try to click
on it, nothing happens. I can’t even enter the text
before the level.

- A potential problem that could relate to this is that
the game seems to have a problem moving on to the
next team’s turn. When I finish my turn, the game will
take an abnormally long time moving on to the next
team’s turn. This problem happens especially with
large heavily populated maps. Every time that I have
backed out of a campaign map and have been unable
to return to the map, this slowness had occurred
before I backed out.

- Another problem that may play a role is that when I
force a restart on a map (by exiting the game during
CPU’s turn and then restarting on the campaign level
select), I have noticed that some units have gone
missing. For example, on the pilgrim campaign, four
tectonic knights have gone missing making the level
nearly impossible to complete much less in the three
stars time frame. I wonder if this problem comes from
the same source?

I hope a fix is found. Again, this is for the Apple Store version. I play on IPhone. Thanks!
Stratego (dev)
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Re: Cannot Access Campaign Levels (IOS)

Post by Stratego (dev) »

on Problem #1: please send me the "log" about the problem on the button - by entering the others/information pages/send log to dev option - thankS!
so try open the map
and send me log after.
UPDATE: this bug is already fixed ! thanks!

on Problem #2: I have already made AI speedups, will come in next update - and more will follow!
UPDATE: some speedups ready, now published to IOS (after Apple approval will be available in 24h) ! thanks!

on Problem #3: I go try to reproduce the same thing on my device - thanks!
UPDATE: i can not reproduce (ready my answer below), i need more information how to do it, maybe a video! thanks!


Stratego (dev)
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Re: Cannot Access Campaign Levels (IOS)

Post by Stratego (dev) »

i was about to test the 3rd map problem but i could not find the "piglrim" campaign, is that the "Exile"? if so which map in that?

on Exile/map #2 i found teutonic knight but no matter how many times i quit-restart-launched - they all were there again.

what to do exactly to see that ?

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