Version 0.024 pre-beta - Age of Alder

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Version 0.024 pre-beta - Age of Alder

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The forum hasn't been updated in a while.

Version 0.024 pre-beta :)

New Units added:

Lesser Stone Golem
Alca Novites
Iron Spearmen
Bronze Blast Cannons
Wright Riflemen

Grunt Shooters
Spear Gruntz

Revenant Guards
Revenant Guards Corpse
Revenant Grimlock
Revenant Grimlock Corpse
Zed Crawler became a map editor unit

Map Editors and Neutrals:

Young Boy
Young Girl
Valkot Boy
Valkot Girl
Adam Hero
Avatar of the Moon
Markov III
Markov V3
Grave Digger
Grave Robbers

The downloadable link of the game can be found on our discord server. If you want to test the game, feel free.
For newcomers, click here for discord links. Hopefully they aren't expired.
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