Modder authorities and goals

Here are some rules for the entire forum.
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Modder authorities and goals

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If you are a modder than you are helping the deign leader in all ways you like to, so everything written there is tru for a modder (as helping the design goals) excluding the DECISION parts (decision roles are kept by Design leader and the Dev):

Also for a modder these are also true:
- Naturally being modder is also not a "job" that you get paid for, so no profit you can achieve in terms of money (regardless the alternative is published to Google Play or not). You can earn a good place on Hall of Fames though and get experience in such community work and the best: you can have fun. So you can do it as a FAN, supporting the game "family" - as long as it makes you happy, and it will! :)
- The assets (images, jsons, sounds, ... everything) you (or other forumers) make/draw should be free to use and modify in these games.
- Any asset used from external source should be free to use, and also registered in the id/free.txt file (see modders lounge for required file format)
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