version 0.02pre-b

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version 0.02pre-b

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New Units/Techs:
Maschinengewehr 08
Piou Piou
Zouaves (early)
Landwehr (early)
Grenadiere (early)
Landser (early)
Garde Territoriale
Ocean Class
Sewing Machine
Infantry Modernization I

Change:Infantry, artillery, cavalry and infantry now all have new sounds
Change:Increased ATK and HP of Prussian Line Infantry
Change:Decreased HP of Garde Nationale
Change:Bavarian Line Infantry now have Heavy Infantry unit type
Change:All factions cuirassier's armor has been decreased
Change:French Light infantry's skill bonuses decreased
Change:German cuirassier cost decreased to 4
Change:11 units reskinned
Change:Anti cavalry bonuses increased
Fix:Pioneers now can be targeted by light infantry sharpshooting ability
Fix:Light Infantry sharpshooting ability no longer functions as a grenade
Fix:All units should now have correct attack type
Fix:Cavalry can no longer be repaired by engineers
Fix:Hp bars now appear correctly over units 2 tiles high
Fix:Ai no longer spawns AOW units
Fix:Ai should no longer sustain random crashes on maps with water tiles
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