History of Hungary campaign

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History of Hungary campaign

Post by Detros » Sun Dec 18, 2016 11:50 am

No thread about "History of Hungary" yet? Really? If it is hiding from my searches somewhere please point me in the right way.

Map 1, Conquer of the Carpathian Basin
- Good to not have to build much for once
- Even with wagons, the infantry is too slow. I loaded them in and went around the mountains to the SE with them: this way I managed to get them in like 2 fights at the SWmost town but everywhere else cavalry already cleared the path. Maybe crossing the starting mountains with workers and building few wagons on the other side can see infantry be actually used here. Though, I went really fast with cavalry so enemy didn't often have enough time to build proper defences so I guess if you go bit slower and then are slowed more with more enemies then the infantry may finally catch up and see some use, too.
- On one hand, I am concerned bit with the locked units, if you didn't unlock few of the starting upgrades (Horse archer, Light cavalry) you both can't build them here and _even don't clearly know what you can and can't build from Upgrades_. On the other hand, as said, starting army was big enough to just sweep through the countryside. Still, maybe when there is "this map is limiting the unit types you can build" there should be also a list of these cut out/allowed units.
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Re: History of Hungary campaign

Post by Stratego (dev) » Sun Dec 18, 2016 7:08 pm

i have started to design the hungarian history maps - series of maps, but i ran out of time to continue...
the ready maps are in game already under dedicated campaign button
would be awesome if someone could continue.

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Re: History of Hungary campaign

Post by Detros » Tue Dec 20, 2016 12:51 pm

Map 2, Hungarian invasions of Europe I.
- As there doesn't seem to be "Hungarian invasions of Europe II. map maybe rename it to something like "Hungarians in Northern Italy" or, as the Hungary is already in the campaign name, just "Invasion to Northern Italy"?
- The turn goal for 3 stars is at 35 turns, that's just too much: I cleared all land enemies in like 8 turns and only needed few more to deal with the pesky ships which were just sitting in the middle of sea, using their range to shoot on random units on the land.managed to sink them. I finished in 15 turns so going down at least to 20 (unless you add more enemies) should be safe.
- I rotated archers through few beach tiles from which they could actually hit those ships and also send over a dozen of birds at them. Or is there supposed to be some better way to deal with those enemy warships? I wasn't too successful at bringing them closer to the beach so more archers (or even melee unit) can attack them. And both ships and catapults are disallowed there for my faction.
- Also, those two southernmost towns in Italy are neutral - I stopped one unit AI send there and then just captured them in my spare time while the westnmost town was being besieged. Maybe put another AI in that southern region so there is enough of enemies.

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Re: History of Hungary campaign

Post by Hornythopt3r » Mon May 01, 2017 4:21 pm

So far I've played the first 4 maps and they are generally all the same.
Boring, too easy and bit frustrating.
Boring cos u basically just do the same stuff in every map, advance as quick as you can with mounted archers and kill everything that comes in your way. Easy because, well you just move and shoot enemy from out of their reach.
Frustrating cos you know the outcome of the game long before it ends and it is just basically click click click click without thinking...
Frustrating also because if the enemy builds a structure you don't have swordsmen to destroy them fast but have to use archers and light cavalry and what not and while the enemy has no chance no matter what you can't hasten their destruction without destroying buildings...

2/10 and I won't play the rest unless someone tells me they are completely different from the first few...

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Re: History of Hungary campaign

Post by Puss_in_Boots » Mon Jul 17, 2017 12:45 am

This campaign doesn't take that much time if you have a good aggressive strategy. I manage to capture most tcs before they could build anything. Aim for the builders with archer horsemen first, it will get you far. You did need to move all your units, it will just slow you down too.

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