Russian 57mm anti tank gun ZiS-2 +IMG

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Re: 57mm anti tank gun ZiS-2

Post by Hyacintho » Sun Oct 21, 2018 4:45 pm

Looks like all that needs discussing is the range.

I reckon 2 range ain't too bad, if every tile is considered 1000 meters, this unit does exceed that in real war characterisitcs. I also tested it, and this way it did seem rather useful.

Or we just give it 80% or 90%, maybe 100% dodge counter, and maybe that would work as well. At least it can last a little while longer against a tank.

Regardless, I find AT guns to be around useless. I never use them, and I find that no one else uses them too, because all they do is take up space for more efficient tank killers, like bombers and others tanks, and they get destroyed before they can even be used.

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