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Proposed Long-Range Escort Fighter / Heavy Fighter

The DIS was developed to a Soviet Air Force requirement calling for a long-range fighter escort. In time the requirement grew to include several other battlefield roles including bomb delivery, torpedo delivery and fast reconnaissance. Design work began in 1940 and Mikoyan-Gurevich joined Grushin, Polikarpov, and Tairov in attempting to fill the need. The Mikoyan-Gurevich entry became the "DIS-200" and the engine of choice was set to be 2 x Charomskii series M30 or M40 systems. A streamlined fuselage, fitting the cockpit at front, was devised with a split vertical tail fin arrangement at rear. Wings were fitted well-ahead of midships and each given an underslung engine nacelle - the engines driving three-bladed propeller units. The undercarriage relied on a "tail-dragger" arrangement in which the main wheels retracted into each nacelle.

Role In Game
A heavy fighter like BF110

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