Development is back 2.0

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Development is back 2.0

Post by L4cus »

after a long hiatus Age of Discoveries is back with an update coming soon. You like gunpowder? You will see gunpowder!
Current status:
we have about 50 units with image waiting for json
about other 50 with jsons but without propper stats and lacking flavour text
almost 20 units with jsons and stats, actually these 20 units are playable only lacking text some of them
categorires messed up (old categories on new units making bonuses not working propperly)

organize categories
get text for current playable units
get text and make playable the other units with jsons
make jsons to units

that is basically the way to go in the next updates, i hope keep the order and will of working on the project and for teachers to not make my life miserable

AND WE NEED CAMPAIGNS! including tutorials
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Re: Development is back 2.0

Post by Maxbirykov2004 »

It is great!
But i also should add this
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