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Post by Badnorth » Tue Aug 25, 2020 11:17 am

Unit description: A gunboat is a naval watercraft designed for the express purpose of carrying one or more guns to bombard coastal targets, as opposed to those military craft designed for naval warfare, or for ferrying troops or supplies.
Produced at: Shipyard
Cost: 5
Hp: 42
Att: 0
Spd: 6
Armor: 0/4
Sight: 5
Naval cannon
Dmg: 15
Rng: 6
Cooldown: 2
30% Infantry melee
100% Buildings
120% Fortifications
500% Mega Buildings
Musket crew shot
Dmg: 10
Rng: 4
Cooldown: 1
10% Light infantry melee

Spell resist: 30%
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Re: Gunboat

Post by L4cus » Tue Aug 25, 2020 1:35 pm

i posted about a the same concept at another topic (out of england-british subforum)
but sinceits gonna be a briitsh shiptoo, then its ok
muskets have 3 ranges, and in naval battles is quiet unconfortable to shot on a ship deck...jsut 3 range. Moreover, ther already is an standard musket shot ability and the damage can be changed using "abilitypower"=0.x tha means the ability damage will be multiplied by this, so we dont need to make lots of abilities for musket shot for different units. irhgt now the abliity has 10 hp damage, so u can easily multiply it by 0.x to get x damage or even more with 1.x dealing 1x damage

the gun works similar to mortar right? then make the attack a non spell attack and give it minium range (3)
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