Age of Colossus

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Age of Colossus

Post by GeneralWadaling » Sun Jan 31, 2021 7:53 am

Greetings, may I present my mad idea about a new variant of the game...


The Inquisitor Meteor Shower in 2054, the meteor shower that once predicted to bring the end to Earth, had change the Earth from a civilized world into a world of endless wars and destruction.
The fallen stars from afar carried a mysterious substance only known as the "Titan's Blood", was the core of the endless conflicts. A substance that can affect organisms with special gene sequence named as "Prime Code" and turn them into gigantic mutants known as the Colossus - a weapon of world domination, able to destroy cities and modern military with ease.
Since the substance was being recognized by the world, the extreme ambitions to control the world through brute might had risen around the world. The endless wars begun to scramble for these valuable military assets and races to create a largest army of towering juggernauts. The world is no longer same as before, it's a world of war and destruction. It's the Age of Colossus.

  • Atlas
    The most influential military organization on Earth that control the entire European continent with the might of their human Colossus and their disciplined Auxiliaries.
  • Biolock
    A faction that expressed obsession on experimenting the effects of Titan's Blood on other type of organisms and tested their destructiveness on civilians - Their behaviors without any ethics had earned them a notorious nickname name, Beasts of Terror.
  • Fusion
    Probably the only faction that haven't abandon the technologies and science from the older times, the Fusion faction equips their Colossus with advanced technologies derived form those in older times.
  • Sledgehammers
    Gangs of free-roaming Colossus that fights for nobody else but themselves. These freelance Colossus groups might not have the best material support from the powers, but they are the most adapted people of the new age who knows most what is the meaning of "natural selection".
  • Trinity
    Religiously bonded military alliance in Asia which regarded Colossus as deities and avatars of supernatural beings. Their alliance are composed of three Colossus-ruled empires.

Probably an very insane idea... Anyways, I'm not totally taking this idea very seriously -
since I already have a even better project.
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Re: Age of Colossus

Post by ZakTheBuilder1 » Sun Jan 31, 2021 1:34 pm

If any of these gets selected its this and the steam punk one
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Re: Age of Colossus

Post by GeneralWadaling » Mon Feb 01, 2021 2:21 pm

Generally this is the unit grouping:
  • Colossus
    The backbone of any military forces in Age of Colossus - a combination of (usually) extreme strength and toughness. These juggernauts are basically good vs almost anything on land, but usually helpless when they encounter flying units.
    • Classification according to biological nature
      • <Human/Humanoid Colossus>
        The most popular choices for creating a Colossus are often humans. First reason being human is probably the easiest type of Colossus to "control", the second reason being their compatibility with most of the older technologies for highly available enhancements and specialization, the third reason being, you know - the most "superior" species on Earth.
      • <Animal Colossus>
        Not only humans, other animals can be transformed into a Colossus. While other factions use them for assist or support purposes (still, useful in some tactical situations like for ambush), Biolock's obsession to create most destructive beast makes exception which they utilize animal Colossus as main battle units.
      • <Hybrid Colossus>
        Essentially one of the "sophisicated" creations of Biolock which they make use of instability of Titan's Blood to create humanoid beasts - fusion of animals and humans, which (theoretically) combined the strength of human and beasts.
    • Classification according to size (human Colossus standard)
      • <Standard/Alpha Colossus>
        Not the most common size class among the Colossus, but still, they are very common. Their smaller size makes them suitable for tactical maneuvering in (probably) urban environments or mountainous terrains for setting up ambushes, despite lightweight and usually weakest compared to other size classes. All human Colossus below 60 m are considered as Alpha Colossus
      • <Beta Colossus>
        Most common size class of Colossus which often takes a majority of combat role. Height ranges around mainly 80 m to 150 m.
      • <Gamma Colossus>
        Larger and more rare size class of Colossus that dominates almost all land forces but not heavy artillery and even larger Colossus. Height ranges around mainly 200 m to 300 m.
      • <Delta/Titan Colossus>
        Largest possible size of Colossus that can be created, which the transformation into that size class cannot be manipulated manually, it totally depends on occurrence of specific sequence of the Prime Code gene. Subjects suitable for transformation into Delta Colossus are very rare to find (but not rarest) makes their rare occurrence on battlefields, alongside the factor of extreme maintenance cost. However, if managed to deploy one on the battlefield before your enemy is able to, the outcome of a battle is almost decisive. Usually the height is above 550 m.
    • Special classifications
      • <Leviathan Colossus>
        Usually large Colossus are too heavy able to swim in waters - but there are exceptional cases that they can still swim like normal in deep waters. Strangely, this only occurs among Gamma and especially Delta Colossus.
      • <Featherweight Colossus>
        Strangely, some Colossus does not gain weight proportional to their size and their weight is significantly lighter than those in the same size class. These "featherweight" Colossus becomes more agile, though.
      • <Avatar>
        A special class of Colossus in Trinity faction, which has an aura to greatly enhance combat strength of their auxiliaries - for the reason they are considered as avatars of deities.
      • <Sledgehammer Marauders>
        Unlike other factions, Alpha Colossus and some Beta Colossus of Sledgehammer faction can capture cities.
      • <Champion>
        A special class of Colossus in Sledgehammer faction which brings up the morale of their Colossus near them.
      • <Scavenger Colossus>
        A special class of Colossus in Sledgehammer faction that builds their protective gears from rubble and scraps of war, and also repair in battle by using them - which means, they can "leech" a small proportion of HP from its target.
      • <Fortress Colossus>
        Some Colossus may be heavily armed which they carry bunkers and large artillery. Just like a mobile fortress.
  • Auxiliaries
    Auxiliaries are generally modern military. Yes, they are obsolete, but only in terms of main battle role. Their duties shifted to assisting the Colossus in various ways (since the Colossus is not totally invincible).
    • General Classifications
      • <Standard Auxiliary Division>
        Combat groups compose of mechanized or just motorized infantries. May not be very effective in combats, but they have essential role of taking over strategic strongholds and facilities. They can also build up basic defenses.
      • <Mechanized Auxiliary Division>
        Combat groups compose of mechanized units for wiping out other auxiliary division with improved firepower and mobility.
      • <Artillery Auxiliary Division>
        They can provide very effective fire support against most enemies, but in this era, their roles are more likely anti-Colossus fire support. Their siege role never changed, though.
      • <Anti-Air Auxiliary Division>
        The major reason why Auxiliary is needed is because they are more effective countering the weakness of Colossus - airstrike. Their anti-air cover is essential.
      • <Fortress Auxiliary Division>
        A highly specialized tactical battle group for setting up more advanced fortifications in efficient means. Or they can provide resupply to other divisions when needed (mend).
      • <Anti Colossus Auxiliary Division>
        A specialist combat support group for countering Colossus through using special instruments and weapons such as anesthetics and toxins.
      • <Colossus Support Auxiliary Division>
        A specialist combat support group focused on supporting Colossus, including first aids and chemical injections.
  • Airforce
    The fact is, Colossus only dominates the land, but not the skies. For this reason, airforce undergoes massive development in this era for exploiting this weakness.
    • General Classifications
      • <Helicopter Gunship Group>
        The all-rounder aircraft that is decent vs everything on land and seas except air superiority fighters and anti-air divisions.
      • <Air Superiority Fighter Squadron>
        A squadron of fighter aircraft that focused on terminating enemy air units.
      • <Strike Fighter Squadron>
        Harnessing rapid maneuvering to deliver pain and destruction to enemy Colossus with precise and concentrated attacks.
      • <Bomber Squadron>
        Death from above! An instrument of destruction from the air which takes up the siege role.
      • <Airmobile Transport Group>
        Airborne transport groups for lifting auxiliaries around in a efficient way.
  • Navy
    Indeed, their value have also diminished like other modern land forces and ended up as auxiliaries. However, they still have significant roles strategically.
    • General Classifications
      • <Transport>
        Now even landing ships are at the size of cargo ships - You know, you're transporting divisions of troops and also those Colossus who cannot swim. With new designs and better engineering, they can now carry aircraft squadrons as well.
      • <Submarine>
        Still, they are used for killing high value naval targets like a fully loaded transport ship or a heavy fire support vessel. Specialized submarines can also counter Leviathan Colossus.
      • <Destroyer>
        Obviously, for countering submarines.
      • <Battleships>
        Now missiles might not be enough to destroy a Colossus, we need some more heavyweight fire support. That will make another era for battleships and dreadnoughts.
      • <Siege Cruisers>
        Missile cruisers carrying missiles for siege roles or precise long range fire support (the range is longer than that of battleships, but weaker against Colossus).
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