Developer version resposibilities

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Developer version resposibilities

Post by Stratego (dev) » Thu Jul 09, 2020 6:48 am

Here i try to list what to be aware of using developer version

How to update DEV version:
Simply install from the same link you got for the dev version, the new version is located there always.
You will get notified about developer version changes on the topic "Developer verison changes" section.

Caution with multiplayer games:
- BE sure you do not use any units in a multiplayer game that is not yet published (eg. new units)
- BE sure not to use anything that can result in new units/entities/effects appear in a multiplayer game
(so an already existing unit gets a new ablility that created somehow (eg. summoning) a new unit automatically, or placing a new effect on units "eg. enchantlent" that is not exists in public version yet)
if any of the above appear in a multipalyer game than it will result to crashes.

Other thoughts:
- Avoid games where there are AI-s will run on your device after you take a turn (AI between your player and next human player), as AI also might use some new units/effects discussed above.
- Check the "Developer version changes" section for the new version (or set email notification) as it will not automatically update as google play version does.

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