Market map moderator responsibilites and rules

Here are some rules for the entire forum.
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Market map moderator responsibilites and rules

Post by Stratego (dev) »

Here i define my way of market map moderation (accepting/rejecting market map proposals)

- Map market is a pool where anyone can download maps to play - maps that other players/Fans designed
- These maps do not give gems, but they are fun to play (at least when this post was created)
- These maps cost 2 gems (at least when this post was created)
- in some of the alternatives there is the Map Market enabled (eg AOS and AOF) in other not (reason: on thos games i request new maps to be sent to me to put into the game)

Moderator Must check:

- MOST IMPORTANT 0: no upsetting content: we need to filter out abusive, harrassing, upsetting content in any text of the map and the appearance of the map (eg. no big "svastika" or "penis" shaped map). In general nothing that can upset or hurt anyone. For new games like Age of Moodern wars we must be careful not to incllude ongoing War (eg. on 2022 the Russian-Ukrain war) map, lets say it should be 20 years earlier at least or something.

- MOST IMPORTANT 1: terrain and decoration: the maps MUST look awesome, nicely decorated no simply grass everywhere, or even on quarter of map - not allowed, a very nice totally "realistic" map is only acceptable. So any maps in game must meet this requirement.
Also is it finely detailed in terrain, nice decorations (not over-decorated) the nice cliffs, woods, desert, water, animals and so on

- MOST IMPORTANT 2: Units armies: are the armies well built, not too much unit on start (more than 50 units in a player is surely a mistake)
- the used units are all fit to the "theme" the story requires
- not uses units that should not be used in other maps than it was designed for (eg. santa, uncle sam, cookie, fun towers like megabig bomb tower and so on...)

- map desription: it should be good, well written, and only English text is accepted
- we can also have few word descriptions too, but that few should be good
- naturally no cursing, no offensive text, no racisn and so on.

- Star requirement (insane values): must be set to a normal value so 99999 is not good, also 100 and above number can only be accepted if that is a very big map and moderator can imagine that this map can last that long.

Moderator optionally check:
- playtru: optionally it can be played tru and suggestions to map can be sent to mapdesigner (eg. if star requirement not fitting, or being too easy too hard)
- if have triggers that is an extra bonus, we need many nice and nicely triggered maps

Feedback: moderator can
- "Publish" the map - if that is nice enough (Must items all passed)
- "Send to rework" - write a few words to mapdesigner ans send him/her back the map for revision

MAPDESIGNER recruiting:
IF u see a very good, very-very well made map, please invite the mapdesigner to join the forum and join the community to make many many nice maps for the games :)
Stratego (dev)
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Posts: 15576
Joined: Fri Apr 25, 2014 9:28 pm

Re: Market map moderator responsibilites and rules

Post by Stratego (dev) »

1. What if the map maker censors his profanities e.g. "F*** Ivan, come on we are under attack!"?
seems ok.
2. These rules don't cover multiplayer maps. What about them. Perhaps you should write a separate section for multiplayer maps.
yes, however terrain appearance requirements are similar.
also currently we have no option to make multipalyer maps and post to map market - only campaign/scenario maps can go there currently.
I do imagine some maps will be are designed with the intention of being chaotic and fun.
- OP triggers on several units.
- Battle Map with random units from different fraction/cultures together. Lore wise it may not make sense, though that is not the point anyways.
this should be well knows from the description and should make some sense.
These maps possibly be not fulfilled the "aesthetically" well designed and may have lots of units.
lot of units are not good in any case i think... but the point is
1. it should make sense
2. look nice
3. and should be fun to play (not pain to play moving eg. 300 units at once)
Should we remove these maps as well?
remove? from where? you mean to "reject" sending back asking fixes? sure yes if they are not good to approve.
3. Can a moderator mod his own map?
"mod" what u u man to mod? ou mean can he accept his own map? sure if his own map is good to the guidelines.
Can you add a chatbox under each map? Maybe in the future? And a rating system would be nice.
there is already, moderators (and players too) can comment under each map on map market.
also they can rate by giving stars to them.

(tell me if any of these questions should appear under that topic - or better you can ask these there so others also can see the question and answers)
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