Small EMF Shield Generator

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Small EMF Shield Generator

Post by ShroomGuy » Thu Jun 20, 2019 6:28 pm

This unit can generate a 3x3 shield around it (with it in the center). The shield will be deactivated if the generator is deactivated o destroyed. The units inside this shield, indepedent of faction, will have their armor increased (50%, an effect can be made, ex.: Shielded effect) until they leave the field, except units affected by EMFs or EMPs (Electro Magnetic Field or Pulse, respectively). Two overlapping shields will increase the effect, having an extra 50% effectivity. More overlapping shields won't have any other effect than that. The shield can be activated or deactivated by the generator. The generator can't move or attack. Only land units (not air nor water) will be protected by the shields.
HP: It can be from 12 to 20, to keep things fair.
Armor: 5 without shield, 10 with it (has more armor with shield than normal units)
It can be unlocked by researching a technology that permits the use of electromagnetic energy to create shields, engines, etc.
They have to be built by a specialized unit.
As I mentioned, enemy units can protect themselves with the shield, so it has to be placed strategically to provide advantage to your troops.

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