Version 1.006b

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Version 1.006b

Post by Midonik » Tue Aug 10, 2021 8:46 pm

New Dev version uos
2021-08-?? version 1.005b
Help section:On stat sheet of technologies you can see which units are affected (if a tech unlocks units, or unit-abilities)
Help section:Unit help shows the normal and pierce attacks with images
Help section:Unit help shows valid targets of techs and units with images and category names too
Balance changes and fixes:
all reptilian walkers are affected by the nimble legs technology
maps from the scenario section now give gems (sorry to those who have already completed them)
new categories
hp of some units will now be displayed adequately lower
laser cannon has first strike and full counter spec actions
balistic missile launcher's speed reduced to 2, it's power range penalty actually increased (was decreased before, sorry)
all carriers and buildings remove terrain based effects on unit inside.
New instectoid units: scorpion gun, laser spitter images thanks to Anchar, idea thanks to General Waddaling.
New human unit - repair module, thanks to Anchar
New map editor unit: apex pretorian, thanks to Noaharts
New terrains, thanks to DreJaDe
New scenario map, thanks to Alex
New campaign, Unrest on 3292
New map in the Sarcadia Invasion campaign
Fixes to maps in the Sarcadia Invasion campaign
Redesign for the grasshoppers, desert infantry, flamethrowers thanks to Anchar.
Support new AoS variant, Age of Galaxy: ... 608408ebc8
All help will be welcome.

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