Adjustment on unit ranks

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Adjustment on unit ranks

Post by Savra » Sun Jun 07, 2020 6:26 pm

As the topic suggests, these units need a update to their ranks names:
Spearmen: Spearmen > Experienced Spearmen > Veteran Spearmen

Halberdier: Halberdier > Experienced Halberdier > Veteran Halberdier

Militia: Militia > Experienced Militia > Veteran Militia

Warrior: Warrior > Experienced Warrior > Veteran Warrior

Double swordsman: Double swordsman > Experienced Double swordsman> Veteran Double swordsman

Shielder: Shielder > Experienced Shielded > Veteran Shielder

Light cavalry: Light cavalry > Experienced Light cavalry > Veteran Light cavalry

Pegasus rider: Pegasus rider > Experienced Pegasus rider > Veteran Pegasus rider

Knight: Knight > Experienced Knight > Veteran Knight

Lancer: Lancer > Experienced Landed > Veteran Lancer

Gryphon rider: Gryphon rider > Experienced Gryphon rider > Veteran Gryphon rider

Templar: Templar > Experienced Templar > Veteran Templar

Hospitallar: Hospitallar > Experienced Hospitallar > Veteran Hospitallar

Templar knight: Templar knight > Experienced Templar knight > Veteran Templar knight

Hospitallar knight: Hospitallar knight > Experienced Hospitallar knight > Veteran Hospitallar knight

Battering ram: Battering ram > Hardened Battering ram > Reinforced battering ram

Catapult: Catapult > Hardened Catapult > Reinforced Catapult

Trebuchet: Trebuchet > Hardened Trebuchet > Reinforced Trebuchet

Skirmisher: Skirmisher > Experienced Skirmisher > Veteran Skirmisher

Archer: Archer > Experienced Archer > Veteran Archer

Crossbowman: Crossbowman > Experienced Crossbowman > Veteran Crossbowman

Fire archer: Fire archer > Experienced Fire archer > Veteran Fire archer

Slinger: Slinger > Experienced Slinger > Veteran Slinger

Horse archer: Horse archer > Experienced Horse archer > Veteran Horse archer

Axe thrower: Axe thrower > Experienced Axe thrower > Veteran Axe thrower

Ballista: Ballista > Hardened Ballista > Reinforced Ballista

Warship: Warship > Hardened Warship > Reinforced Warship

Destroyer: Destroyer > Hardened Destroyer > Reinforced Destroyer

Catapult ship: Catapult ship > Hardened Catapult ship > Reinforced Catapult ship

Transport ship: Transport ship > Hardened Transport ship > Reinforced Transport ship

Great transport: Great transport > Hardened Great transport > Reinforced Great transport

Uruk axemen: Uruk axemen > Elite Uruk axemen > Master Uruk axemen > Grandmaster Uruk axemen

Uruk hai: Uruk hai > Elite Uruk hai > Master Uruk hai > Grandmaster Uruk hai

Uruk pikemen: Uruk pikemen > Elite Uruk pikemen > Master Uruk pikemen > Grandmaster Uruk pikemen

Uruk archer: Uruk archer > Elite Uruk archer > Master Uruk archer > Grandmaster Uruk archer

Olog hai: Olog hai > Elite Olog hai > Master Olog hai > Grandmaster Olog hai

Goblin spearmen: Goblin spearmen > Elite Goblin spearmen > Master Goblin spearmen

Goblin batrider: Goblin batrider > Elite Goblin batrider > Master Goblin batrider

Merblin harpoonist: Merblin harpoonist > Elite Merblin harpoonist > Master Merblin harpoonist

Merblin gutter: Merblin gutter > Elite Merblin gutter > Master Merblin gutter

Merblin servant: Merblin servant

Dwarven short piker: Dwarven short piker > Advanced Dwarven short piker > Supreme Dwarven short piker

Dwarven billman: Dwarven billman > Advanced Dwarven billman > Supreme Dwarven billman

Dwarven halberdier: Dwarven halberdier > Advanced Dwarven halberdier > Supreme Dwarven halberdier

Dwarven maceman: Dwarven maceman > Advanced Dwarven maceman > Supreme Dwarven maceman

Dwarven double axeman: Dwarven double axeman > Advanced Dwarven double axeman > Supreme Dwarven double axeman

Dwarven warrior: Dwarven warrior > Advanced Dwarven warrior > Supreme Dwarven warrior

Dwarven swordsman: Dwarven swordsman > Advanced Dwarven swordsman > Supreme Dwarven swordsman

Dwarven shielder: Dwarven shielder > Advanced Dwarven shielder > Supreme Dwarven shielder

Dwarven axeman: Dwarven axeman > Advanced Dwarven axeman > Supreme Dwarven axeman

Dwarven hammerer: Dwarven hammerer > Advanced Dwarven hammerer > Supreme Dwarven hammerer

Boar lancer: Boar lancer > Advanced Boar lancer > Supreme Boar lancer

Boar rider: Boar rider> Advanced Boar rider > Supreme Boar rider

Boar scout: Boar scout > Advanced Boar scout > Supreme Boar scout

Dwarven priest: Dwarven priest > Advanced Dwarven priest > Supreme Dwarven priest

Dwarven cleric: Dwarven cleric > Advanced Dwarven cleric > Supreme Dwarven cleric

Dwarven axe thrower: Dwarven axe thrower > Advanced Dwarven axe thrower > Supreme Dwarven axe thrower

Dwarven ball thrower: Dwarven ball thrower > Advanced Dwarven ball thrower > Supreme Dwarven ball thrower

Dwarven hand crossbowman: Dwarven hand crossbowman > Advanced Dwarven hand crossbowman > Supreme Dwarven hand crossbowman

Dwarven crossbowman: Dwarven crossbowman > Advanced Dwarven crossbowman > Supreme Dwarven crossbowman

Dwarven repeating crossbowman: Dwarven repeating crossbowman > Advanced Dwarven repeating crossbowman > Supreme Dwarven repeating crossbowman

Dwarven musketeer: Dwarven musketeer > Advanced Dwarven musketeer > Supreme Dwarven musketeer
Some (orcs, humans) are simple name adjustments.

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Re: Adjustment on unit ranks

Post by Savra » Sun Jun 07, 2020 6:37 pm

Trying to make it easier to read...

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Re: Adjustment on unit ranks

Post by makazuwr32 » Sun Jun 07, 2020 7:30 pm

"advanced" and "supreme" as for me does not fit living units of dwarves. Maybe for their mechanical units will fit better.

Otherwise good idea actually.

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Re: Adjustment on unit ranks

Post by DoomsdayDragonfire » Mon Jun 08, 2020 12:09 am

Agreed, supreme is an absotute statement, it doesn't fit them at all...

For humans, i guess you just need to swich over hardened over reinforced, so reinforced is tier 2 and hardened tier 3.

Dwarves i think they could share human ranks since a veteran is still a veteran, but for sieges, i think "enhanced" could fit as mid-term between basic and advanced.
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Re: Adjustment on unit ranks

Post by Alexander82 » Mon Jun 08, 2020 10:32 am

It is just an idea but, what if for dwarves we use mithril and adamantium?

I know that mithril is the third tier of upgrades but we might consider them way of speaking for dwarves that are tied to metals and weapon/armor smithing.
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Re: Adjustment on unit ranks

Post by makazuwr32 » Mon Jun 08, 2020 10:59 am

I think it will not fit well.
Personally i do not like idea of naming units like "dwarven warrior", "mithril dwarven warrior" or "adamantium dwarven warrior".

Sounds like that they replaced part of their body with that metal.
Mithril and adamantium can fit though for tiered mechanical dwarven units when those will be added.
For siege or for some sort of golems.

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Re: Adjustment on unit ranks

Post by erosbonjour » Mon Jun 08, 2020 4:53 pm

Good 👍👍

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Re: Adjustment on unit ranks

Post by Savra » Mon Jun 08, 2020 5:26 pm

What about expert and superior?

The reason I wouldn't go with a similar approach to rank naming for dwarves is because each army has their own style of ranking.

For siege equipment how's this:
Humans: Basic > Reinforced > Advanced

Dwarves: Basic > Plated > Superior

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