Dwarf shields

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Dwarf shields

Post by desatixix » Thu Jan 02, 2020 11:33 am

I got ideas for two new spells or abilities.
first: Divine shield: gives the unit a shield that completely absorbs the blow, and then disappears.
There are two options: either the shield absorbs any attack, or shots can pass through it, and it only works in close combat.

It would be a good ability or spell for those gnomes that have high damage and low hp.

Second: gnomes (I don’t know, all or separate units) can get a shield, as a strip of additional health.
You can also create a building for this ability: a tower that can restore this shield at some distance.
Like the protoss in starcraft 2) :idea:
haha,the orcs do BAM BAM

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Re: Dwarf shields

Post by makazuwr32 » Thu Jan 02, 2020 1:58 pm

About divine shield:

Divine shield is something that holy units should have, not random beardman with mace/sword/axe/crossbow/any_other_weapon.

Dwarves and gnomes are rather different races and even more gnomes are not yet implemented (they also would be tocused more on technological advances like automaton golems or on various tricks (illusionists) because they are physically weaker than dwarves.

All actual dwarven fighters have good hp pools. Especially on max levels.
And this spell is definately not for workers (why should workers have it?? Other races have no special traits to protect their workers).

It is actually quite op because for example it can annulate assasinating ability of human assasin thus it must either put onto some sort of weak_as_hell caster with some cooldown (5-20 turns).

About second:
This will require additional coding from stratego and he is busy as hell already so it is sooo low priority that if we will see it than no earlier than in the end of 2020.
Especially because stratego has plans on porting "Age of" games into Steam on PC (and this alone will take 3-6 months).
makazuwr32 wrote:
Mon Sep 16, 2019 7:54 am
Please when you ask to change something argument why do you want that change. ...
Put some numbers, compare to what other races have and so on. Some real info why it must be done.
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