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Posted: Fri Dec 25, 2015 4:45 pm
by SirDoucheBag
Similar to the Metal Refinery The mill generates wood required to make units such as Long bowmen, flame archers, catapults and battering rams. Decreasing turn wait but requiring sufficient materials to make unit. Due to the fact of multiple units suggest wood intake is every 2 turns but giving 8 wood. Every owned and operated Mill increases + 1 (example. 2 mills generates 8 wood each every two turns +2 wood for owning 2 mills. Just as 5 mills generating 8 wood each would get an additional +1 per mill. being + 5 wood for 5 mills. Maybe even add an additional turn to wait on materials. +1 turn per mill owned. 1 mill is 2 turn while 4 mills is 5 turns to receive materials. Numbers can always be tweaked to appropriate gameplay.