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An underworld-dwelling ancient Egyptian goodness/demon who personified divine retribution.
Multifaceted apparence of a lion a hippopotamus and a crocodile.
Waits the opportunity to devour the hearts of people who were deemed unworthy.

Additional to" mummie expansion "
Unique unit.

devour-" soul eater"-eating enemy or ally?
Regeneratas or gains attack?

Divine retribution - up to discussion - some chance based respawn or weaker copy upon death. (some phoenix effect).

Auto Heal

Stats later.
Ammit_Egyptian-Mythology.jpg (36.73 KiB) Viewed 396 times
"Souls To Revive Us
Or Rot Us Away
Want For The Weary
And Death For The Sane
Cursed Yet We Listen
For Bells Left To Toll
To Fight Back The Depths Of
Humanity's Soul "

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