Elf wizard spells rewamp

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Elf wizard spells rewamp

Post by makazuwr32 » Fri Aug 10, 2018 9:38 am

right now it feels like elf wizard is worse caster than elf druid - the only things why she is useful are summon ent and healing aura while she can't heal normally allies and has higher cost. Also with addition of shapeshifting spells for druid she will become evel less wanted spell caster.

I am suggesting to make her as a more powerful druid (stats will be the same but cost can be increased):
1. Empowered clear vision (replacement of normal one) - gives target allied archer +1 to range and +2 to damage. stackable with normal one.
2. Heal (replacement of lembas self healing) - as usual, heals target ally for 15 hp.
3. Thunderstorm - add minor slowing (-1 to speed) aftereffect for all affected units (both allied and enemy ones).
4. Double strike (replacement of slowing) - as usual
5. Cleanese (replacement of disenchant, that spell @Alexander82 was suggesting) - disenchants all negative effects and heals for 10 hp.
6. Summon ent (as usual)
7. Healing aura stays same.

also i suggest minor addition to Forestwalk spell of elf druids - it will give +1 speed to unit in forests.

This way elf wizard will become more intresting and useful but will need 2 techs researched first to unleash her full potential.
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