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Re: Road's

Post by Endru1241 » Wed Oct 23, 2019 10:53 am

So, terrain layer would be plains, hills, desert, snow, water, deep water.
Roads, bridges, forests and obstacles would be moved to decorations layer or left as it is in terrain layer and new decorations would be made?

Problems with bridge-like structures:
1. Ally cannot ever step on it.
2. Enemy cannot step on it - problem is partially solved by making it occupiable. Only enemies incapable of occupying still cannot step on it.
3. Allows access to all units (road allowing ships to go in).. Even if CanCarryThese is specified road still allows passage for units which cannot be carried.
4. Unit left after destroying carrier, which cannot normally go into terrain under it is stuck. Cannot even be deleted - only destroyed by enemy..
This is mitigated by "IS_CARRIED_DAMAGABLE" (but it's still true for ships inside siege workshop, nordic hall).
5. When IS_OCCUPIABLE is set it can be too much of a priority target by AI (not sure about that).
6. Blocks building units by workers (least important - many would say it should do that).

Hope I didn't forget anything.

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