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Hello! I have a proposal to increase the species of Romans. you can add gladiators:
Retiarius - a Gladiator with a Trident and a net (can throw a chain than to reduce the 4 units of the speed of the enemy with a probability of 50%) and is the main enemy mourmelon
Mourmelon - warrior with sword and shield legionary (the main enemy of the retiarius)
Secutor - a warrior with shield and sword (has the immunity skill retiarius)
Essedarius-mounted warrior with the ability to dismount
Thracian-Thracian prisoner, classic shield and sword (you can add the bleeding skill)
Hoplomahh - like hoplites, with a spear (the ability to throw it, but only 1 time) and a small round shield, after throwing the spear fights with a dagger
Velit - a skirmisher in wolf's clothing

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