Pilum ability rework ANSWERED

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Pilum ability rework ANSWERED

Post by Urss2004 » Sun Oct 13, 2019 10:08 am

Hi, i made a little research on the pilum, the pretorian ability, when the roman launched a Pilum, it broke on the chest, or on the shield of the enemies, so it usually was very lethal, and the shielded enemy often leave it because the pilum made it useless, so i think that the pilum have got to decrease of one point pierce armor, and standard armor, but it have a cooldown of 2-3 turn, so it is balanced. Moreover Also the standard legionary had 1-2 pilum, so i think they will have thi ability too with higher cooldown, 5-6 turn. This can make the pilum very interesting to use, but also the actual pilum ability is very good, that is only a suggestion. Thank you.
(Sorry for my very bad english, i hope i wrote in a understandable way)

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Re: Pilum ability rework

Post by SirPat » Sun Oct 13, 2019 10:24 pm

First It is very understandable :D
Second I like the idea but. How would it work is it an effect you get when you got hit by a pilum?
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Re: Pilum ability rework

Post by Endru1241 » Mon Oct 14, 2019 10:10 am

I knew about Pilum real historical use when I implemented this ability.
What people tend to forget is that protective gear is not represented solely by armor and pierce armor stats. HP is huge part of it too. The easiest example to find is swordsman - he has regular light-medium armor and shield, but it's represented as pure HP boost.
Pilum has 8 power - it's enough to show it's killing and piercing ability.

Problem with additional effects is what to do, that it would work on units having armor/shield, but without armor stats.
It would also unnecessarily complicate the game.

Limited quantity is not considered in this game at all. Real javelin throwers had often only few projectiles, yet skirmisher shoots indefinitely.

Cooldown is left to eventually increase for balancing reasons.
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