Elefant Archer - rewamp

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Elefant Archer - rewamp

Post by Lynx Shafir » Thu Jul 12, 2018 12:02 pm

I think elefant Archer are slightly unused

Personally I used it once shielding a TC,
Better use 2 cost archers, u get more and can move farther. Ofc normal elephant is still better.

Their only advantage is their high hp. Attacks as common Archer, and get bonus both from skimisher and anti cav.

May if they cud get a mellee (counter) attack, no area dmg range 1, since the elefant can attack too. -?

Is possible increase minimal range to 2 tile (for Archers) - so can't shoot adjected tiles.
And adding the mellee for range 1.
They get mellee or ranged counter?

If u think this is useless for this unit, just tell me.
Im curious if this separate attack/ range is simple or hard coding since some future units from aoF and Aog would benefit them.
Tanks ur time and attention.

PS. I think it needs a new look too (the current looks like the Elephant had been standing in top of the ancher before they changed position.
A bit higher Archer would do it.
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