Ww2 battles

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Ww2 battles

Post by SovietColonel » Thu Jun 29, 2017 4:15 am

July 1937. Japan vs China
Sept 1939 Germany invades Poland
Sept 1939 soviet union invades Poland from the east
Nov 1939 Winter War soviet invasion in Finland
April 1940 Germany invades Denmark and Norway
May 1940 German invasion in Belgium and Holland
May-June 1940 battle of France
June 1940 Italy invades France
July-Oct 1940 battle of Britain
Sept the African campaign Starts
Sept 1940 Japan invades French Indochina
Oct 1940-april 1941 Greek vs Italian invasion also the start of the Balkan campaign
April 1941 German Hungarian and Bulgarian vs Greece and Yugoslavia
June 1941 operation Barbarossa axis invades soviet union
Sept 1941 siege of Leningrad
Oct 1941-jan 1942 Battle of Moscow
Dec 1941 Japan attacks Pearl harbor Hawaii
Jan to Aug operation paukenschlag
June 1942 battle of midway
Aug 1942 battle of Stalingrad'
Nov 1942 operation torch
May 1943 African campaign ends
July -Aug operation husky
Aug 1943 battle of Kursk
June 1944 the siege of Leningrad ends
June 1944 D-Day
Jun-Aug operation bagration
Dec 1944 battle of the bulge
March 1945 allies invade Germany
Oct 1944 battle of Leyte gulf
April 1945 Battle of Berlin
Aug 1945 soviet invade jap Manchukuo
Aug 1945 Us drops atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Sept 1945 Japan surrenders ending of ww2
Plss read this all
This is pretty much the battles of ww2 I did not added the other things happen because those are not battles. All of this should be the full campaign of ww2 this is all I know and they are all true TY
Long live our glorious motherland, her freedom and independence

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