Great Romania

Here you can discuss what kind of nations should be in the new game.
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Great Romania

Post by Iulian » Tue Mar 05, 2019 7:15 pm

I think that Great Romania can have their unic weapon like submashine gun Orita M1941, anti-air gun Resita 75mm, antitanc tanks like Tacam T-60, tank destroyer The Mareșal, and so on.
Strong points will be:
Oil pump-builded near production buildings speed up what here is build
They have thery balanced units that are not so calitative but and no so cheap
Orthodox priest- can make the unit stronger but are not so good at healing units and are cheap
Ghange the side- a special romanian tech that can change the team, they can use it only once in game
Learn allied tech- when an allied unlock a special unit Romania can put in his Tcs this unit, when it change the side it will can now produce his allied troops.
Something else...
Weak points:
It is thery powerfull in alliances but weak without
Something else...

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Re: Great Romania

Post by Hyacintho » Wed Mar 06, 2019 4:53 am

When it comes to nations to be implemented, I've always been of the idea that this game should only have around 8(9?) factions, 3(4?) main Allies and 3 main Axis factions, as well as the Axis and Allies factions which include all Axis and Allied countries respectively.

Under this plan, Romania would likely not be included as an independent faction itself, but rather as a sort of mini country in the Axis faction. Romanian units can still most definitely be implemented in the game, though Romanian specific techs I am less certain of. This team changing tech I am uncertain of, though I imagine it could be implemented with time. It would need some deliberation, however, and I am currently in no state to provide an adequate discussion on the topic.

Yet I do think you can, if you truly wish, to pursue the implementation of Romanian units as special units available in the Axis faction. I do see them as having a place in the game.
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Re: Great Romania

Post by samuelch » Wed Mar 06, 2019 11:01 am

Romanianns can be trainable unit in the Axis factions.
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