Sengoku Era "battle of sekigahara"

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Sengoku Era "battle of sekigahara"

Post by kristantomiyamoto » Sat Jun 27, 2015 2:23 am

hajime mashite minna-san, watashi wa kurisu desu~
i'd like to suggest that there's also an asian battle which is only can produce the ashigaru, archer, samurai, pikemen, horse archer, skirmisher, healer,"4 kinds of samurai hero" and "samurai knights" if it's must
this battle contains 4 tribes, like general tokugawa ieyasu :ugeek: (blue), date masamune :with crescent moon helmet and blind at his right eye: (green) vs mitsunari ishida :evil: (purple), sanada yukimura :x (red) may add some good things too, but i assume you to use the bigger map, then if one of the hero is lost, also his army will be surrender
and this is the map that i reccomend to you ... 3/m009.jpg
and this is for the placing ... al.svg.png
or if you want to add it as a historical battle, it will be great, because it was the ending of the sengoku era :D
domo arigato gozaimasu~ ^-^

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