Age of religion

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Age of religion

Post by Redanxelar » Wed Nov 14, 2018 1:05 pm

How nice would it be to have a age of religion, frankly speaking it really would be nice and it has lots of advantages in creating age of religion.

1 NO COPYRIGHT: Who has a copyright for religion!? Well it's not like we're doing Christianity against Buddhism.

2 IDEAS ARE READY: There are lots of ideas ready, a religion could be said to be ready like knighthood of aurora. It can be counted as religion and how long can it take, there are already priest, cleric, templer, shaman, troll shaman and other units you could use for religion troops. There are lots of undead unit in aof we can put together to form a religion.

3 EXTREMELY FUN: You could control unit, use divine power exclusive to a particular religion i.e Etherial divine power of kinghthood of aurora. Create avatar of gods who will lead Thier religion to the apex.

I have lots of ideas for it, if you like this idea I could put them down.

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