Design leader authorities and goals

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Design leader authorities and goals

Post by Stratego (dev) » Fri Dec 05, 2014 7:05 pm

If you are the design leader than you can:
- have opinion and decision on images/stats/sounds
- you can say that a unit is final or not (image/stats anything)
- if you think an image is ok, than that will be the image for that (it is only me who can override your decision :))
->> so you can state that a Unit will look like something image, if no one has any suggestion to consider (it is not not necessary to anyone have any suggestions!).

Games under construction

your goal as design leader (on a "under design/constuction" game):
0. decide races/nations, and their basic properties/affinities - their likelihood.
1. gain all units the game will need (without the extra "upgrade" units) so the basic units that are balanced to each other (bonuses and so on):
- unit/structure stats
- images
- sounds
2. gain all random maps the game needs to launch
3. gain all campaigns the game needs to launch

basically these are your goals,
"gain" = you and by other forumers +me help aquiring them, but you will plan the game, how the powers/properties of nations races will work.

Helicopter view for unit balance:
In the beginning: In a separate thread i suggest discussing the unit hp and power and movement groups units will have, after stating this you can go in detail with specific units or diversions from the standards.

with groups and approx property ranges, i mean:
- transportships (100-200 HP, 10-20 power, 4-5 movement, 2-4 turn cost)
- war ships (500-2000 hp, 40-60 power, 3-4 movement, 7-9 turn cost)
- troops (15-20 HP, 5-10 power, 2-4 movement 2-3 turn cost)
- light vehcles (50-100 hp, 15-25 power, 4-6 movement, 3-4 turn cost)
- heavy vehicles (300-500 hp, 40-60 power, 3-4 movement, 5-7 turn cost)
- artillery...
- anti artillery
- air transport ...
- air fighters ...
- air bombers ...
- anti aircraft...

these are only random examples to values
i just suggest making this top-level design first, and go into detailed stats with specific units after you have a fairly good top level approach.
(of course there can be specific units that are out of the standarsds/groups)

having this you will see approx how many ground troop will destroy a ship, and decide whether it is ok or not.
one thing i suggest: do not use many 1 turn cost units (minimize them), and do not define 10 or more turn cost units that is too much to wait for (or only a very few if necessary).

After launching the game
Your main goals
- keeping the game coherency / balance.
- keeping the game "clean" = not accepting any units that will ruin anything good in game, accepting only things that are good additions to the game.
- talking about and filtering others' ideas, guiding the unit image designs/ sound selections and so on -> and finally accepted ones are suggested to dev to implementation (also suggestions to close a topic ("ANSWERED") meaning they re not accepted ones)
- guiding/urging the monthly votes about new stuffs / ideas.
- filtering and suggesting engine modifications to let in good new approaches/ideas
- it is advisable to open a topic that has in its first post a list of "clean" and implementable ideas (units/techs/engine modifications everything) in order of your decision, and dev will implement it in that order (if he agrees :)) - also this topic should be written by only the design leader.

in a few words: you are the "Boss" of the game "alternative", you control everything and only the DEV can override your decisions, also your are the bridge between the DEV and other forumers. Naturally being design leader is also not a "job" that you get paid for, at most you can get good place on Hall of Fames. So you can do it as a FAN, supporting the game - as long as it makes you happy, and it will! :)

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