Market map moderator responsibilites and rules

Here are some rules for the entire forum.
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Market map moderator responsibilites and rules

Post by Stratego (dev) » Sun Oct 11, 2020 6:03 pm

Here i define my way of market map moderation (accepting/rejecting market map proposals)

- Map market is a pool where anyone can download maps to play - maps that other players/Fans designed
- These maps do not give gems, but they are fun to play (at least when this post was created)
- These maps cost 2 gems (at least when this post was created)
- in some of the alternatives there is the Map Market enabled (eg AOS and AOF) in other not (reason: on thos games i request new maps to be sent to me to put into the game)

Moderator Must check:

- MOST IMPORTANT 1: terrain and decoration: the maps MUST look awesome, nicely decorated no simply grass everywhere, or even on quarter of map - not allowed, a very nice totally "realistic" map is only acceptable. So any maps in game must meet this requirement.
Also is it finely detailed in terrain, nice decorations (not over-decorated) the nice cliffs, woods, desert, water, animals and so on

- MOST IMPORTANT 2: Units armies: are the armies well built, not too much unit on start (more than 50 units in a player is surely a mistake)
- the used units are all fit to the "theme" the story requires
- not uses units that should not be used in other maps than it was designed for (eg. santa, uncle sam, cookie, fun towers like megabig bomb tower and so on...)

- map desription: it should be good, well written, and only English text is accepted
- we can also have few word descriptions too, but that few should be good
- naturally no cursing, no offensive text, no racisn and so on.

- Star requirement (insane values): must be set to a normal value so 99999 is not good, also 100 and above number can only be accepted if that is a very big map and moderator can imagine that this map can last that long.

Moderator optionally check:
- playtru: optionally it can be played tru and suggestions to map can be sent to mapdesigner (eg. if star requirement not fitting, or being too easy too hard)
- if have triggers that is an extra bonus, we need many nice and nicely triggered maps

Feedback: moderator can
- "Publish" the map - if that is nice enough (Must items all passed)
- "Send to rework" - write a few words to mapdesigner ans send him/her back the map for revision

MAPDESIGNER recruiting:
IF u see a very good, very-very well made map, please invite the mapdesigner to join the forum and join the community to make many many nice maps for the games :)

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