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Post by makazuwr32 » Sun Mar 04, 2018 6:17 pm

Unique soviet infantry diversion unit.
Cost 6 turns
Trainable in TC only.
When trained spawns near nearest neutral city (in 4 tiles range of it) or if there is no one on any random forest tile (if there is still no one, than spawns normally in TC)
24 hp
8 damage (can spawn as normal rifleman or as antiinfantry or as at rifle)
speed 3 (can't walk in mountains)
Armor 0/3
additional speed and explosive armor in forest tiles (+1 speed and +10 exp. armor)
sight 6
heal rate - 6
Has perma invisibility
everyone of them can build:
1. mines (but special ones - they always do damage to all units. 10 damage to normal units and double to tanks) for 2 turns.
2. barricades (only in forests) - blockade to stop invaders. Has 7 hp and 0/18 armor (can be one-shot by any basic infantry but takes more turns to destroy with tanks). Formed from several fallen trees. cost 2 turns.
Normal rifleman also have ability "Sabotage":
removes production from building and has chance to unlearn for enemy learned tech (10%)

Extremly costly unit but with perma invisibility and "sabotage".
Could be good for second expancion when first towns are captured but there is more neutral tc's.
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