A new game mode

Put here any ideas about new suggested game types comes into your mind.
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A new game mode

Post by Savra » Wed Oct 16, 2019 5:40 am

I was thinking of a new possible game mode were instead of players starting off with tc's on the map, they had to build them. ;)

Basically, their would be a new tc type that is buildable only if the specific game mode is set on, in which randomly generated tc's would be removed and every one would only start with a basic worker, the limit of tcs one can build would be a small amount as well. 3 for low setting, 4-5 for min setting, and about 5-6 for many setting (the limit of tc's one can build.) New tc's models will be made for each race to use as buildable structures for these workers and the workers are enabled to build them. But, these tc's would have less options of units to choose from then a normal tc as well as techs forcing the player to have to build a factory to access other features of the race.

Human tc:
Scout cavalry
Scout bird
Battering ram

Orcs tc:
Goblin slave
Goblin spiker
Goblin spearmen
Orc warrior
Orc shaman (until goblin shaman gets in)
Orc crusher
Raptor rider
Orc wagon

Elves tc:
Elf worker
Elf swordsman
Elf spearmen
Elf archer
Unicorn rider (until a scout cavalry is made)
Elf wagon
Ent warrior

Undead tc:
Skeleton worker
Skeleton fighter
Skeleton spearmen
Skeleton archer
Skeleton mage
Headless horseman
Undead wagon

Dwarve tc:
Dwarf worker
Dwarf warrior
Dwarf billman
Dwarf crossbowmen
Dwarf axe thrower
Dwarf scout cavalry
Dwarf priest
Ram crusher
Dwarf wagon

Scaledfolk tc:
Kobald welp
Kobald ghost warrior
Kobald warrior
Kobald spearmen
Kobald darter
Kobald witchdoctor
Monitor rider
Scaledfolk wagon

Human tc:
Town patrol

Orcs tc:
Goblin shout
Weapon poisoning
Magmetic bullet

Elves tc:
Eagles eye
Natures call
Thunderstorm (until it's moved to temple of nature)
Treetop archery

Undead tc:
Bone sight

Dwarves tc:
Boar riding (until it's moved to barracks or a new stables for dwarves)
Their techs are being worked on.

Scaledfolk tc:
Same as dwarves.
Generally it starts out slow but everyone is pretty even out because they don't start off with every unit they need in their tc with most the techs they need as well. They have to revert to making factories for those other techs and units and forces players to choose between what buildings would be useful for the given situation.

Just a thought, and it would be a rather interesting idea.

Aos's variant would work in a similar way.

The only major problem here is the ai, but making the ai build a structure without needing to build it next to a tc might be worth the effort.

These tc's can't be captured like the others but can be destroyed.

@Alexander82, @Stratego (dev) what do you think? Do you think this is doable?

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Re: A new game mode

Post by godOfKings » Fri Nov 15, 2019 6:48 am

i believe i suggested a similar game mode in aos a long time ago (wen coolguy was still active) its basically similar to civ 5 game play
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Re: A new game mode

Post by Savra » Tue Nov 19, 2019 2:20 am

godOfKings wrote:
Fri Nov 15, 2019 6:48 am
i believe i suggested a similar game mode in aos a long time ago (wen coolguy was still active) its basically similar to civ 5 game play
I remember that, but I couldn't find it when I was looking through here, it might have been somewhere else maybe or I missed it.

I've been trying a similar thing to this in AOF, except their are only 2 tc's surrounded by a gnoll camp and everyone starts out with just their builder and that's it. Granted, it's slow and the first one that got out was the scaledfolks at turn 164 I believe (or 106) so that's why I suggested this mode which would be a bit faster due to players being able to build their own tc with certain restrictions of course of course.

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