Suggesting features of Reptilian space vessels.

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Suggesting features of Reptilian space vessels.

Post by GeneralWadaling » Wed Jan 27, 2021 8:26 am

  • Stealthed and Cunnin'
    Their minor vessels can be upgraded with stealth generators for better and more cunning tactics.
  • Nimble and Cunnin'
    Their tactical mobility can be a terror to the enemies - Using their short range warp device installations, their ships can teleport right behind enemy lines for flanking, destroying support fire units, or just some quick retreat.
  • Tactically Cunnin'
    The special abilities of their vessels are not focused on making more damage, instead they will put enemies in despair by putting sh*tloads of debuff onto their vessels (when the debuff is used in the most cunning and effective way).
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Re: Suggesting features of Reptilian space vessels.

Post by Midonik » Sat Apr 03, 2021 3:04 pm

I dont know where you got that cunning stuff from lol.

Stealth doesnt sound too bad I guess, they could have a few stealth ships...
Teleportation abilities actually sound good.
Debuffs... nah man, I dont think that sounds right.
We should try to make space properties be reflections to the planetary ones, even tho thats not 100% possible. SO, I think their larger vessles should be slow and tanky, with medium damage and rather low range (still some range tho). Their smaller vessels would be like speeders, so fast, a lot of damage and rather fragile. If we gonna have abordage system somehow, I think reptilians should be great at it since they have great infantry.
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