Gems issue

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Gems issue

Post by Vinceathor » Wed Feb 06, 2019 11:07 am

So I bought gems (400 for 10 bucks) and it charged my card through the Google play APP but gives me a

Pendingintent: null

When I go back to click on it, I have the confirmation email saying it was charged... What do I do?

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Re: Gems issue

Post by Stratego (dev) » Wed Feb 06, 2019 11:54 am

if u have not received the gems, please email me in dev email so i can fix it 4 u.

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Re: Gems issue

Post by Puss_in_Boots » Sun May 26, 2019 12:14 am

I think you should type those steps in the button description, not everyone knows what to do after receiving that message.

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