Y'ALL keep breaking the game - ANSWERED

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Y'ALL keep breaking the game - ANSWERED

Post by enrich » Sun Apr 28, 2019 6:58 pm

Its been 1.5 years since i played. I quit bec y'all dont know the game mechanics
Ex: you can inception ships and wagons then have a one-turn end game whip. Pure carnage if playing on fog of war the enemy wont see it coming.

So imagine my shock...when i come back and see that orcs are still hella broken and elfs have gotten worse against all odd (them having wagons, the best unit in the game, did little to my disapointment)

Like....litetally orcs have SOOOOOOO many win cons. They have the best counters in the game and you can spam 2-3 units for the win. They literally break the game

They can for example have TURN 5 DRAGONS with little to no opportunity cost. They effectlively only have a cost of 3 due to being anble to use goblin pikers. An 80 hp monster that is only weak to other endgame units on turn 4 (a FLYING units that takes zip from melee, not weak to archers AND has an AOE attack) . Thats ridiculous. Even if playing against the undead and ur afraid of it being killed or converted... You have a TANK that you can park in a TC in early game that no ones getting through. And its drawback???? Just use waypoints......... And whose bright idea was it to take away its vanishing effect???? Its only real drawback. Also shammans having a loong cooldown does little....when they can just support their dragon from the back always keeping it in good health.

Tldr: orcs have a 3turns cost dragon that can be brought out in early game with little to no opportunity cost and has no drawbacks.

So....what is it: are you guys incompetent or is this sheer favourtism/complacency. Cause....yall arent doing a good job at balancing the game.

If yall wanna hear actuall good ideas to vote on to balance the game lemme know...

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Re: Y'ALL keep breaking the game

Post by makazuwr32 » Sun Apr 28, 2019 10:59 pm

1. If played right than that dragon is easily counterable.
Alas we want for that dragon summoning to add research tech into shaman hut to delay the time you can use it.
2. Humans and elves also gained quite good updates which i won't spoil for now. And if ofc enemy doesn't use 2 worst strategies against them - armored orc spam and dragon spam - than they can counter and even defeat orcs.
3. Orcs will get later overall change:
They will be divided into orc tent units, goblin tent units, monster units (including trolls), uruks. Some units will be removed from tc. For example fodder cannon and armored orc.

And 4. If you want to prove yourself right than challenge me in 2 battles: orc vs human and orc vs elf, you will be orc.

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Re: Y'ALL keep breaking the game

Post by Tankhead » Mon Apr 29, 2019 5:18 am

What annoys me most is your saying y'all as if we did something, Learn how stuff works around here before throwing rude jesters

The favoritism towards Orcs is pretty obvious and I agree with you on that part.
If you wondering why, Our Design Leader Alex, loves them so you can see how that plays out.

But I also heard all Races will be op in their own way, its just the progression that goes snail slow speed, so people tend to think the game has been abandon or whatnot.

Alas if you want good balance Ideas their is plenty of them here.
Just read them, again its the snail progression
"The smallest pebble was once the biggest stone, the biggest stone was once bigger"

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Re: Y'ALL keep breaking the game

Post by Alexander82 » Mon Apr 29, 2019 2:06 pm

The orc dragon was meant to be nerfed with a tech and cooldown. All other races were meant to be developed but the lack of time and the need to adjust the implementation of the new races slowed down the process.

Since this is just a post of complaints there is no further need to keep it open.
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